A Summer Well-Spent

As the first week of the fall semester draws to a close, I am still amazed to think about everything I accomplished over the past few months.  Telling my friends and classmates that I spent my summer conducting paleontology research in Madagascar and France feels unreal, yet I have the photographs and data to prove … More A Summer Well-Spent

Summer Reflections

As summer comes to an end, I can wholeheartedly say that being a University Honors Scholar has been a worthwhile experience. My mentor, Dr. Mayer, has been one of my biggest support systems throughout my experience. I have found that Dr. Mayer is not only a valuable resource for this research experience, but is also … More Summer Reflections

Effects of an Art Program on Language Expression in Dementia

By Megan Haduch | Art therapy is a method of cognitive stimulation that has been found to produce positive health outcomes for individuals with dementia. The process of creating art capitalizes on brain areas that are often spared until late in the disease; moreover, the  nature of free-form art creation additionally encourages independence, self-control, and self-worth … More Effects of an Art Program on Language Expression in Dementia