Summer Reflections

As summer comes to an end, I can wholeheartedly say that being a University Honors Scholar has been a worthwhile experience. My mentor, Dr. Mayer, has been one of my biggest support systems throughout my experience. I have found that Dr. Mayer is not only a valuable resource for this research experience, but is also a valuable resource as I take the next step in my journey, applying for graduate school. This opportunity has allowed me to expand my network as I got to know some faculty/staff at the Speech and Hearing Clinic, in addition to meeting new peers within my major.

Dr. Mayer and I met a handful of times throughout the summer to check in on my research. At our meetings we would discuss some of my accomplishments.  Typically, she and I would talk about future goals and create a general time line to accomplish my set goals. Our conversations allowed me to get to know Dr. Mayer on a professional and personal level.

My favorite thing about Dr. Mayer is that she pushes her students to strive for success, which most of the time means going above and beyond. I always left her office feeling calm yet eager to accomplish more and more.  She expects students to work hard and achieve big. Having her as a mentor has pushed me out of my comfort zone. Throughout my research experience I have worked with older adults, which is a population I never thought I would be interested in. In addition, she pushed me to apply and present at a statewide conference, which I wouldn’t have done without her guidance and support.  Those are just two of the various examples to express how Dr. Mayer has helped shape me Goodbye-Summerand my future.

My mentor was a crucial part of my research experience.  I am not only thankful for this opportunity but also for my relationship with her.  I could not thank her enough for all she has done for me as a student and as an Honors Scholar.

By Megan Haduch


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